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“South Sound trails need their next generation of heroes”

This is something I’ve noticed as the new Foothills Coalition webmaster. I think I might be the only one in the room under 40 at monthly meetings. But I sure she a lot more age ranges ON the trail!

A lot of news going around about the trail extension!!

“Those who dream of expanding trails in the South Sound have cause to celebrate – especially those who envision a regional rails-to-trails system…” Full article from the The News Tribune: Read more here: King 5 story:

County prepares to complete Foothills Trail to Buckley

“The Pierce County Council has authorized starting the process of condemning the last four properties needed to complete the Foothills Trail in East Pierce County, more than a quarter-century after the walking and biking trail’s inception….” Great news for the Foothills Trail and Buckley! For the full story, follow theContinue Reading

Sumner Link Trail Opening Celebration, October 23rd at 2 p.m.

The Missing Link- Cityvision Magazine, July/August 2014

In the current issue of Cityvision Magazine, an article can be found about Sumner’s new trail that links to the Interurban Trail. The article can be downloaded here. Also, for more information about the new trail and other Sumner trails can be found at the cities website, Cityvision MagazineContinue Reading

Marvin Brandt Trust vs United States of America

Brandt Vs United States March 13, 2014 Let’s start this off with a disclaimer – I am not an attorney and thus I do not give legal opinions. This is just one person, who has some knowledge of real estate and railroads opinion. Is the Foothills Trail in any dangerContinue Reading


Fred Meyer Rewards Program Can Benefit Trail Communities Submitted by Dixie Gatchel Want to help Fred Meyer decide how it donates $2.5 million a year from its community rewards fund? Want to help us fulfill our vision for “Trails Uniting Communities?” It couldn’t be easier. Are you a Fred MeyerContinue Reading

County pays $1 million for land to close gap in Foothills Trail

Friday, November 22, 2013 at 5:44 PM The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA Pierce County has purchased a crucial, missing link for connecting the popular Foothills Trail from South Prairie to Buckley The price tag: $1.05 million. That’s what the county is paying for a strip of land through Dwight Partin’sContinue Reading